Blake International Rigs Rentals

P&A Spreads

Blake International Rigs offers equipment packages for rigless plug and abandonment operations. Each spread is maintained beyond industry standards and capable of working both onshore and offshore. Our crews are qualified and capable to deliver results exceeding expectations. These services can be combined with our platform rig equipment offering our clients integrated services for complex operations.

  • Zonal Isolations
  • Setting mechanical barriers
  • Pumping cement plugs
  • Cut and remove production tubing
  • Cut and pull casing
  • Wireline services


Blake International Rigs fleet of cranes can be utilized on fixed platforms and rigged up with the platform's existing crane. These cranes can support a wide range of operations when the existing platform crane is not capable of the lifting requirements, or if the existing platform crane is out of service.

  • 100' and 120' boom lengths available
  • Capable of rigging up on 30', 40', 45', and 60' skid beam centers
  • Crane operators available

Deck Panels

Our deck panels are designed to span the skid beams, or capping beams, on offshore structures in order to increase the allowable deck loading in areas where the existing deck is not sufficient to support a required load. In conjunction with cantilever beams, these deck panels are ideal for creating temporary deck space for spotting temporary equipment and/or living quarters.

  • Available in 45' psf area loading
  • Loads up to 150 kips per longitudinal beam
  • Handrails around the parameter or as needed
  • 3' and 6' self-standing stairs as needed

Living Quarters

Blake International Rigs can provide temporary living quarters to support your offshore operations. Our aluminum modular accommodations are designed to reduce deck loading and space requirements.

  • 12' x 33' 18 man sleepers
  • 12' x 33' Office with bunk
  • 12' x 33' Galley
  • Distribution panel
  • Redfox unit
  • 140 BBL Diesel tank
  • 140 BBL Water tank
  • 25 Man inflatable life rafts


To inquire about available rentals, please contact Ben Moncla.