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Blake International Rigs’ fleet of self-contained offshore platform rigs are designed for well decommissioning (Plug & Abandonment), well intervention (Recompletions), and light drilling activities (Sidetracks). Our diverse fleet is capable of working on fixed platforms, compliant towers and floating platforms; such as Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs) and Spar Platforms.

Our offshore platform rigs are modular, allowing them to be loaded out on work boats and rigged up on the platform with the platform’s existing crane(s) or a temporary crane, eliminating the need for crane barges. The modular design also offers the flexibility to arrange components based upon each platform’s available deck space and load ratings. Our in-house engineering team is available to survey a potential location and provide layouts and deck loading for a selected rig package.

Each rig is sized in order to have a wide range of capabilities to support light and heavy well interventions, while minimizing the amount of space on the platform topside. Each rig is capable of skidding between wells with BOP’s (Blow Out Preventers) hung off from the rig’s substructure, as well as with tubulars racked back in the mast.