Blake International Rigs and Anadarko Petroleum Corporation have recently began mobilizing the Blake Rig 1007 to Anadarko’s Nansen Spar, and expect to commence well operations later this month. The Blake Rig 1007 recently worked for Anadarko on the Gunnison Spar and has been located at Blake’s Houma facility preparing for this project.  

Anadarko has also contracted the Blake Rig 1505, with mobilization to the Horn Mountain Spar commencing in late 2018 following the ongoing rig upgrades, also taking place at Blake’s Houma facility.

Additionally, Blake International and Murphy Exploration& Production Company – USA have agreed to mobilize the Blake Rig 651 to Murphy’s Medusa Spar following rig upgrades pertaining to dynamic(floating) facilities.    

All three of these projects are located in the Deepwater US Gulf of Mexico.

“The rebound in rig utilization that has been realized in the land rig market appears to be making it’s way offshore,” says Jeff Kessler,Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Blake International Rigs.  “These recent contract awards are indications of an increased activity in 2019, largely in the Deepwater region.  Our Rig 1007 and Rig 651 were under contract the majority of 2018, and we are enthusiastic about putting Rig 1505 back into service.  Following the upgrades to Rig 651, these three rigs will all have been refurbished and upgraded within the last two years and capable of working on Spars and TLP’s, along with fixed platform structures.”

Blake International Rigs, headquartered in Houma, LA,owns and operates a fleet of 10 platform rigs.For more information on Blake International, or the rigs referenced above, visit

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